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The Municipal Sector is under challenging times due to our unsteady economy and the lack of funding for most local and state projects. Although this is concerning we have always strived to provide economically responsible engineering solutions to all of our clients since 1977. For many years we have been providing our Industrial clients with cost effective solutions and now we see that same demand in the Municipal Sector. The typical “municipal mindset” or “Taj Mahal designs” are becoming a thing of the past as City and Town Managers, County Administrators and Directors of Utilities and Public Works are realizing that there are other ways to “design out of the box” in order to save their community money by not relying on increasing taxes and user rates to fund projects with high costs.

We still see a major void that needs to be filled across this country for cost effective engineering solutions in the municipal sector and are currently growing our firm to meet these needs. We offer cost effective engineering solutions through the traditional Design Bid Build method but also provide solutions through the Design Build delivery method with strategic partners across the country. We also believe in the Public Private Partnership Design Build initiative and have several 3rd Party Financing options to introduce if funding is an issue.

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