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Project #1- 1.7 MGD BNR WWTP Upgrade – Phase 1
Biological Nitrogen Removal Upgrade

REC was the Prime Engineer that provided all civil and environmental engineering services for retrofit/expansion of Existing Single Stage Process into a 1.7 MGD (5.0 MGD equivalent municipal sewage capacity with influent wastewater TN =115 mg/L and TP = 45 mg/L) Five Stage Bardenpho Activated  Sludge BNPR system designed to meet TN = 4mg/L and TP = 0.3mg/L.

More specifically, the New 1.7 MGD WWTP Upgrade consists of the following components:

  • Anaerobic Reactor #1(for enhanced biological Phosphorus removal)
  • Anoxic Reactor and Nitrification Reactors (New and Retrofits)
  • Aerobic Reactor
  • Aluminum Sulfate dosage for final Phosphorus removal
  • Final Clarifier
  • Chlorination/Dechlorination (Retrofit)
  • Sludge Lagoon, Sludge Disposal by spray irrigation,
  • Wastewater Equipment Building
  • 5,000 foot of 12” influent force main from processing plant to wastewater treatment plant and misc. site utilities.


Project #2- BNR WWTP Upgrade Phase 2: Biological Phosphorus Removal Upgrade

Reid Engineering Company, Inc. provided planning, engineering, permitting and construction administration for the tertiary filtration upgrade to meet low Total Phosphorus Limits.  The aeration capacity in the existing reactor was also increased.

Project #3- Water Storage Tank and Distribution System:

Reid Engineering Company, Inc. provided planning, engineering, permitting, construction administration and start-up on this design build project for the retrofit of a 1.0 MG Raw Water Storage Tank, one new above ground 1.0 MG Potable Water Storage Tank with new water service lines to the existing water distribution system and 2.0 MGD High Service Pumping Station Upgrade/Expansion.  REC also prepared and submitted permit applications to the VDH and DCR.