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City of Fredericksburg, VA

Project #1 – Wastewater Treatment Improvements:

City of Fredericksburg, VA hired Reid Engineering Co. and English Construction via an unsolicited PPEA (Design Build) proposal for their wastewater treatment system improvements project due to a mandated consent order compliance schedule by the VADEQ. The project which is in operation consisted of the following:

  • VA DEQ permitting
  • Site, Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Engineering
  • New Bar Screen
  • New UV Disinfection
  • New plant wide SCADA System.

Project #2 – Pretreatment Program Assistance:

REC assisted the City of Fredericksburg, VA staff with updating their existing pre-treatment program, which consisted of the following documents:

  • Local Limits
  • Pretreatment Ordinance
  • Pretreatment Application
  • Pretreatment Permit
  • Enforcement Response Plan

Project #3 – Operation and Maintenance Manuals:

Reid Engineering Co. prepared new Operation and Maintenance Manuals for the City’s WWTP to incorporate the SCADA System and new Equipment. The O&M Manuals were coordinated with VA DEQ.

Project #4– Aeration Evaluation and Upgrade

REC evaluated the existing Envirex Orbal Oxidation Ditch Aeration system for Nutrient Removal.