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Foster Farms – Livingston, California

5.0 MGD Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) WWTP Upgrade:

Foster Farms owns and operates the world’s largest chicken processing plant in Livingston, California. After several years of negotiations with the City of Livingston regarding sewer rates, Foster Farms elected to design and build their own wastewater treatment system. Reid Engineering was selected as the Prime Engineer for this project. Reid Engineering services consist of the following:

  • Preliminary Engineering Report
  • BioWIN Modeling
  • CA Waste Discharge Report Permitting
  • Design New WWTP upgrade to meet Total Nitrogen < 10 mg/L
  • Bidding and Construction Phase Services

A four-stage Bardenpho activated sludge process was determined to be the most reliable and cost effective means for complying with the nutrient removal objectives for the facility. The major treatment system components for this new WWTP are as follows:

  • Raw Wastewater Pump Station
  • First Stage Anoxic Reactor with jet aeration system
  • Second Stage Nitrification Reactor with jet aeration system
  • Third Stage Anoxic Reactor with mixers
  • Fourth Stage Aerated Reactor with surface aeration for cooling.
  • Two Final Clarifiers
  • Equipment Building with offices, breakroom, laboratory, chemical feed equipment, and mechanical equipment.
  • Final Effluent Storage Pond
  • Double Lined Waste Sludge Storage Lagoon
  • SCADA Control System and Monitoring

Project Highlights:  REC saved Foster’s over 14+ million dollars based on a previous design and estimate by others.