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Fort Polk, Army Base, LA

Wastewater Treatment Facility Evaluation and Study for AWMSG

REC performed an in depth evaluation/engineering study that consisted of three alternative design layouts and cost estimates to replace the two existing wastewater treatment plants, known as the North Fort WWTP (1.7 MGD) and the South Fort WWTP (4.3 MGD).  Two of the alternatives required detailed analysis of two large pump stations and over 8 miles of force main. The major objective of this study was to evaluate three facility options along with their various treatment Alternatives as follows:

  • Reconstruction or replacement by two existing Wastewater Treatment Plants at the two existing sites.
  • Constructing a new single combined capacity (6.3 MGD) Wastewater Treatment Plant at one of the two existing sites.
  • Constructing a new single combined capacity (6.3 MGD) wastewater treatment plant at a selected new site.

Each Option considered several treatment Alternatives along with the economic feasibility of engineering, capital and operation and maintenance concerns, the existing and potential upgrades to the sewer system for wastewater conveyance and potential environmental and right of way impacts, demolishing of existing facilities and equipment, existing and proposed location(s), cost effective and innovative treatment technologies, phasing for expansion for future growth, potential site impacts and improvements, and supporting utilities.