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Town of Colonial Beach, VA

Reid Engineering has been the Town of Colonial Beach, VA consultant since 1993 on all wastewater engineering services.  REC designed the original 2.0 MGD Activated Sludge Treatment Plant with cost and longevity in mind.  The unique above ground tanks and streamlined buildings allowed the Town to save millions of dollars compared to other municipalities who were spending large amounts of tax payers money on large over designed systems that were not value engineered.

Project #1 in 1993:

The Town of Colonial Beach needed to install a new wastewater treatment system to accommodate rapid community growth.  In 1992, the Town was in the process of designing a new lagoon type wastewater treatment system but the project was behind schedule and over budget.  The lower water treatment efficiency that could be achieved by the lagoon type treatment system was also in questions vs. newer design mechanical treatment systems.

The Town became aware of the reputation of Reid Engineering Company for designing very successful high quality, lower cost, mechanical type wastewater treatment systems for industries in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  Then projects were typically design and constructed within an accelerated 12 month to 18 month time schedule.   The Town contacted and retained Reid Engineering Company to design a similar mechanical wastewater treatment system to meet the need of the Town of Colonial Beach.   The project consisted of:

  • New Wastewater Treatment Plant, which included Headworks, Equalization for I&I, Aeration Basins, Clarifiers, Sludge Digesters, Belt Press, Equipment and Lab Building and Contact Chamber (chlorination followed by dechlorination and post aeration).
  • New Raw Wastewater Pump Station and  Effluent Pump Station.
  • New 20” dia. force mains to transport raw sewage from the Raw Wastewater Pump Station to the new treatment plant.
  • Final effluent 20” transmission line from the treatment plant to the outfall in Monroe Bay (over 3 miles).

Project #2- ENR Upgrade – Two Stage MLE followed by Denitrification Filters:

Reid Engineering has assisted the Town with the wastewater engineering needs as every turn since 1993 with operations assistance, O & M Manual updates, Sludge Management Plan updates, Evaluation Reports, and on call support.
Recently the Town of Colonial Beach was faced with Chesapeake Bay Limits and Nutrient Removal and looked to Reid Engineering for assistance in their Enhanced Nutrient Removal Upgrade:

  • BOD and IOP Reports
  • Technical Grant Assistance
  • Consent Order Assistance with Schedule and Deadlines for WWTP upgrade
  • Preliminary Engineering Report
  • BioWIN Modeling
  • VA DEQ Permitting
  • WQIF, VRLF and VRA Grant and Loan Assistance and Management
  • Design WWTP upgrade to meet Total Nitrogen = 3 mg/l and Total Phosphorus = 0.3 mg/l
  • Bidding and Construction Phase Services
  • Resident Project Representative
  • O&M Manuals

The design of the Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade consisted of the following components:

  • Retrofit the existing FEBs to function for both hydraulic Equalization Basins and first stage Anoxic Reactors
  • Retrofit the existing Activated Sludge Basins to operate as Aerobic Reactors for Nitrification
  • New Nitrified Recycle Piping and Pumps
  • New Continuous Backwash Up-Flow Denitrifying Sand Filters
  • New Chemical Feed and Storage Equipment and Pad
  • New UV Disinfection
  • Modify Chlorine Contact Basin to serve as Effluent Post Aeration
  • SCADA System for WWTP and Pump Station #22
  • Upgrade of Grit Removal System
  • Upgrade of existing Influent and Effluent Pump Stations