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Town of Bowling Green, VA

Reid Engineering Company, Inc. is the Prime Engineer for the Design Build Utility Project through the Unsolicited PPEA process with Town of Bowling Green, VA.  The Town had been working on the project on and off for over 10 years without making any real progress.  REC was able to present the value of the PPEA in terms competitive cost, phased scope of work, and schedule as well as having a guaranteed price the Town could take to the property owners and the Bank. Through the PPEA process the Town was able to solicit competitive design build proposals, obtain a guaranteed price based on chosen scope of work, gain approval from the Property Owners, create a special tax district and obtain funding through VML. The PPEA through REC allowed the Town to save approximately 2 million dollars from estimates by others.

REC provided 30% drawings up front as part of the proposal currently under construction.  Permits from VDH, DEQ, Caroline County, and VDOT were obtained in a fast track effort. The specific project included the following services and components:

  • PPEA Proposal and Guidance
  • Preliminary Engineering Report
  • WaterCAD Modeling
  • Design of 4” – 9,000 LF Force Main
  • Design of 8” – 6,700 LF Force Main
  • Design of 8” – 3,400 LF Gravity Sanitary Sewer
  • Design of 12” – 10,000 LF of Water Main
  • Design of 550 LF of 15” Gravity Sanitary Sewer
  • Permitting
  • Traffic Control Plan

This project will allow the Town of Bowling Green to expand their water and wastewater public utilities service area in an effort to promote growth and development.  The improvements can be categorized into three areas: North Side 301, South Side 301 and Broaddus Avenue.  The focal point of the expansion is to provide utility service to the future commercial development along the North Side of route 301 while providing hook up availability to the existing development along the South Side of route 301.  The expansion and upgrade of the town’s current infrastructure will also provide improved service to the existing customers along East Broaddus Avenue and provide enhanced potential for commercial redevelopment along Broaddus Avenue.

The design of the upgrade will provide flexibility for the timing of future development while providing reliable service to the existing customers.  All of the water distribution improvements will be installed as part of Phase I and the wastewater improvements will be spread out over Phases I to II.  Phase III and IV were not chosen as part of this project.