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Town of Appomattox, VA

Wastewater System Study:

Reid Engineering Company, Inc. is one of the engineering firms on the Town’s Task Order Contract list. REC is currently working on a large scale wastewater system evaluation that includes multiple tasks.

REC is currently evaluating several options for the Town’s two wastewater treatment facilities.  The first option is to assess the existing older Trickling Filter facility and recommend upgrades for future operations.  The second option is to decommission the older TF facility and install a new pump station at the TF site and pump the wastewater to the newer Water Reclamation Facility. This option will consider the expansion of the WR facility for the TF capacity as well as future expansion of the Town’s sewer system to the North for enhanced commercial and residential service as well as growth and development. In addition REC is evaluating water and sanitary sewer SCADA Telemetry Alternatives for the Town’s entire system. The final product will be a Preliminary Engineering Report that will be sent to the USDA for funding consideration.