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Reid wins Fort AP Hill, VA Design Build for WWTP Improvements

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Reid Engineering is the Prime Engineer on the Design Build team that was recently awarded the Design Build Wilcox WWTP Phase II Improvement Project that will include miscellaneous plant improvements such as UV replacement system, Clarifier upgrades, Aeration replacement and upgrade as well as various Process, Electrical/SCADA, and Structural improvements throughout the WWTP.  The project was selected based on best value, technical approach and schedule.


Appomattox, VA hires Reid Engineering for Wastewater System Study

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

The Town of Appomattox, VA has selected REC to provide preliminary engineering services for an evaluation of both of their wastewater treatment facilities, Town wide SCADA Telemetry, and expanding their existing sewer service to the North.   The ultimate goal for the project is to prepare and submit a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) and Environmental Report (ER) to USDA Rural Development for potential funding. Contact Shane Reid, P.E. for more information.

PPEA saves Caroline County millions and makes the WWTP project a reality

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Caroline County, VA has awarded Reid Engineering. Co. along with MEB General Contractors the design build contract for the Caroline County Polecat Creek 1.5 MGD Enhanced Nutrient Removal WWTP Upgrade and Expansion. REC will act as the Prime Engineer and provide all design services for the project. The WWTP consist of an 8,000 sqft Operations Building, Headworks, 5 Stage Bardenpho Reactor System, Tertiary Filtration, UV and Sludge Digestion and Handling. The design and construction is being handled concurrently and a Certificate To Construct (CTC) approval with VA DEQ is in process.

The Unsolicited PPEA by the Reid and MEB DB team is a true success story in the making. The original WWTP upgrade and expansion project estimated by others was projected to be nearly 30 million dollars with a system that had less capacity and treatment capabilities. The PPEA DB Price is $16.45 million dollars with an expanded design capacity from 0.5 MGD to 1.5 MGD and the ability to meet very low Nitrogen and Phosphorus limits. Third Party financing was provided as an option in the PPEA proposal but the County ultimately opted for Virginia Resource Authority (VRA) Funding. Contact Shane Reid, P.E. for more information.

Bowling Green, VA breaks ground on Water and Sewer Infrastructure Expansion

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Reid Engineering Company, Inc. is the Prime Engineer for the Design Build Utility Project through the Unsolicited PPEA process with Town of Bowling Green, VA.  The Town had been working on the project on and off for over 10 years without making any real progress. REC was able to present the value of the PPEA in terms competitive cost, phased scope of work, and schedule as well as having a guaranteed price so the Town could take to the property owners and the Bank for buy in and funding.

Through the PPEA process the Town was able to solicit competitive design build proposals, obtain a guaranteed price based on chosen scope of work, gain approval from the Property Owners, create a special tax district and obtain funding through VML. The PPEA through REC allowed the Town to save approximately 2 million dollars from estimates by others. Contact Shane Reid, P.E. for more information.

Pennsylvania Industrial Companies face Nitrogen and Phosphorus Limits

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Reid Engineering has been selected by several Industrial Food Processing companies in the State of Pennsylvania to provide planning, design, and construction administration services for their Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal Upgrades.  Contact Shane Reid, P.E. for more information.

Perdue Farms, Perry, Georgia WWTP Facility wins 2011 Clean Water Award

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Perdue Farms, Inc. a leading Poultry producer in the United States has many processing facilities around the East Coast and Mid West. In early 2011 at the US Egg and Poultry Environmental Manager’s meeting Perdue along with the Perry, GA Environmental Staff was awarded the 2011 Clean Water Award for Full Treatment. The Perry, GA facility has won the award not only for the stellar treatment but for their stewardship toward the environment.  The facility is located on 700 acres of rural land and has the feel of a nature preserve with half of the property being conserved for wildlife.   It’s said that wildlife such as alligators are seen on the banks of the holding ponds.  The Facility and staff are known for their Environmental Outreach and are very involved in the Community.

The processing facility processes 312,00 boilers per day and 314,000 pounds of cooked chicken in their further processing facility.  Prior to Perdue purchasing the facility it was a beer brewery which was converted in the 1990’s.  The facility is a direct discharge and discharges to the Ocmulgee River. Reid Engineering was the design engineer for the WWTP upgrades for the Perry, GA facility and many other wastewater treatment plants owned and operated by Perdue.