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The Importance of Vision – Reid’s Design Build Vision is a Growing Reality

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

The Importance of Vision – Reid’s Design Build Vision is a Growing Reality

Your Vision is seeing and believing your goals then moving forward to create your Future Success!

Every year our company leadership convenes to cast a vision for the upcoming year. We call it Vision Casting.

In 2007, Reid Engineering set out to become a leading design build engineering firm in the wastewater treatment and utility infrastructure markets across the country. Since then, we have been involved in over twenty design build projects in the industrial, municipal and federal sectors. Our design build projects have ranged from small wastewater improvement projects and pretreatment systems to multi-million dollar water and sewer upgrade and replacement projects and State of the Art (SOA) nutrient removal wastewater treatment plant upgrades and expansions.

Design build projects come in all shapes and sizes, and it takes an experienced engineering firm to take on the task. That being said, it is imperative for a design build firm to be expeditious, flexible, committed, team oriented, innovative, creative, cost conscious and visionary.

In 2014, Reid has set a company record that may even be broken by years end.  Currently, Reid is working on six design build projects at once, totaling more than $26 million in total project cost. This is an amazing accomplishment even among larger global firms for such a specific niche market as wastewater and utility infrastructure.

A glimpse of current (2014) design build (fix fee or GMP) projects:

Industrial Pretreatment System Upgrade (Poultry Processing) in Harrisonburg, VA

  1. Industrial Pretreatment System Upgrade (Pork Processing) in Denison, IA
  2. Industrial Pretreatment System Upgrade (Soy Processing) in Cumberland, MD
  3. Industrial Pretreatment System Upgrade (Vegetable & Juice Processing) in Paris, TX
  4. Water Main Replacement in Fort Belvoir, VA
  5. Pump Station & Force Main Replacement and Upgrade in Fort Belvoir, VA

Reid, along with its valued partners, have been able to create, add and deliver value in so many ways via the design build delivery approach which is extremely beneficial to Owners in any sector. In many ways, the positive outcomes mean much more than just saving time and money, but they also resonate benefits both directly and indirectly with the facility staff, the environment, local community, corporate leadership, shareholders and other vested partners.

Design build offers many benefits to the Owner, but the two we like most are the ability to be creative and innovative because these ultimately equate to cost and time savings and an all around better project.

Today’s Take Away = Make the time to create and cast your vision, then follow it up with both the belief and confidence that it will happen and continue to happen. Back this up with consistent action to move your plan forward ultimately achieving your “initial” vision of success…but don’t stop there, keep growing! Grow that vision and continue to climb to your next peak of success. My saying is, “If you don’t grow you will never know!”

Please contact Shane Reid for more information on projects and design build services at 540-371-8500 or

REC Selected by Koch Foods to Design the 2.0 MGD WWTP Upgrade

Monday, September 30th, 2013

REC has been selected by Koch Foods to design the 2.0 MGD wastewater treatment plant upgrade for their Collinsville, AL facility.  The existing treatment system consists of an anaerobic lagoon followed by an aerobic lagoon and a medium pressure UV disinfection system.  The design for the upgraded facility includes the conversion of an existing 10 MG lagoon to a new anaerobic lagoon, new anaerobic lagoon effluent pump station, a 2-stage MLE treatment process, a new clarifier, a new UV disinfection system, and a new operations building. This project is a fast-track negotiated design build.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Pilot Study – Soluble Non-Biodegradable Nitrogen

Monday, September 30th, 2013

REC was asked to determine the most effective treatment process arrangement to replace an existing lagoon based pretreatment system for a unique food processing wastewater.  The food processing facility utilizes soy bean husks and generates a wastewater that is high in COD, TSS, TKN and Sodium.  Previous analyses had indicated that a higher than normal fraction of soluble non-biodegradable nitrogen.  REC arranged to have the Siemens Energy laboratory in Rothschild, WI operate the pilot unit as designed by REC.  The pilot unit was based on a 4-stage Bardenpho process.  Once the pilot unit achieved stable operation, REC had the Siemens laboratory perform a series of tertiary treatment methods to include a carbon isotherm analysis; filtration; advanced oxidation with chlorine, peroxide and ozone with UV; coagulation jar tests with ferric chloride; and a BioMag and CoMag analysis.  Data to date indicates that it is possible to remove the large fraction of soluble non-biodegradable nitrogen by use of the 4-stage Bardenpho (possibly reduced to a 2-stage MLE process) in conjunction with coagulation and tertiary advanced oxidation. Additional testing is currently in process

REC and Kelvic Construction Partner for American Water Military Service Group Design Build Project

Monday, September 30th, 2013

REC has partnered with the Kelvic Construction Company for the a sewage lift station improvements design build project for American Water Military Service Group located on Fort Belvoir, Virginia.    The project components include demolition of the existing lift station building, installation of a new bypass pumping connection, construction of a new top slab for the wet well and dry well, and relocation of the electrical control and SCADA equipment.  The project duration from award to completion is 80 days.

Navy awards Water Treatment and System O&M Manual

Friday, October 19th, 2012

The Naval Support Facility Dahlgren (NSFDL) has undertaken an effort to update and expand the existing Operation and Maintenance Manuals (O&M Manual) for the two separate potable water systems on the facility. NSFDL facilitated this effort by awarding a Sole Source Contract to the Reid Engineering Company (REC). The decision to award a Sole Source Contract was based on REC’s prior performance and experience with the NSFDL waterworks. REC will update the existing O&M Manuals by removing outdated equipment and practices and adding pertinent information such as operational changes and equipment upgrades and expansions that have occurred since the time of the creation of the original O&M Manual. As part of this effort REC will perform a detailed review of the existing manuals and the current state of the two water systems and generate comprehensive mapping based on existing data of the waterworks. REC will use this mapping to identify information gaps in the existing O&M Manual and update it accordingly. REC is looking forward to the opportunity to support the NSFDL in supporting those who serve us.

Relationships Matter – Reid wins New Wastewater Treatment Upgrade Project with Valley Proteins in NC

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Valley Proteins is one the leading Rendering Companies on the East Coast and has rendering operations in multiple states. Many of you who live in VA, PA, NC, and SC see the VP trucks around town recovering grease from restaurants. They are in the business of recovering grease and the rendering of animal materials. The relationship between VP and Reid goes back over 20 years ago and today Reid is upgrading many of the VP plants that they originally designed years ago. Reid values and appreciates their long term and nationwide relationships with their Rendering and Industrial clients such as VP.

In general, the upgrade will be focused on enhancing their treatment capabilities and biosolids handling by retrofitting their existing Anaerobic Lagoon, adding a New Anoxic Reactor, New Sludge Press system, conversion of their existing CMAS basin into a Nitrification Reactor, and a New Equipment Building. Reid has been serving the Rendering industry for over 20 years and is involved in the National Rendering Association.

Reid is Awarded Two Design Projects by Global Food Processor in Texas

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Reid has been awarded two large design projects in Cactus, TX by one of the world’s largest beef processors. These projects are part of several projects Reid has been awarded by the global food processor over the past few years and shows Reid’s capabilities to design projects in multiple States and more importantly their focus on long term relationships built on experience and trust.

The projects in Cactus, TX include the planning, design, permitting, bidding and construction administration of Two New 17 MG Covered Anaerobic Lagoons that will act as pretreatment of the effluent wastewater prior to discharge to the City; and, One New Large Evaporation Pond that will be the ultimate discharge for a side stream of wastewater that is high in sodium and unable to go to the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The two anaerobic lagoons will generate biogas which will be utilized by the facilities boilers. This one of many renewable project designed by Reid for this Food Processor.

Reid Engineering Welcomes Adam Zimmerman, P.E. as Project Engineer

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Adam Zimmerman earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the Virginia Military Institute and a M.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

Adam has more than 6 years experience as a project engineer in planning, design, permitting, and construction of municipal, federal and private water, sewer and wastewater treatment projects. His diverse engineering background provides him with strong understanding of project management, construction management, hydraulic analysis and water, sewer, and wastewater treatment design engineering.

Mr. Zimmerman is a licensed Professional Engineer in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania and is a member of the Virginia AWWA New Member Committee.

Adam will join Reid as a Project Engineer working on process modeling, pretreatment and full wastewater treatment design, biological nutrient removal design, water and sewer pump stations and conveyance systems, on-site construction administration, and business development.

Design Build Success Story in the Making

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Public Private Partnership (PPEA) allows County to reduce capital cost and secure financing for WWTP Enhanced Nutrient Removal Upgrade and Expansion

Design Build in the State of VA via the Public Private Partnership (PPEA) is an alternate project delivery method that allows owners to truly reduce cost and save time on their wastewater treatment and other related public works projects while also generating competitive and innovative solutions. In contrast to a conventional Design-Bid-Build process, Design Build delivery is an integrated approach that will offer substantial value to the Owner in terms of guaranteed/lump sum price, no contractor change orders, overall reduced risk, reduced cost, streamlined process, and an accelerated design and construction schedule for the proposed project. The Design Build approach allows for sole source responsibility through the design builder and provides a collaborative working environment for the contractor and engineer as well as the Owner which promotes the team concept.

After the 1.5 MGD ENR WWTP Upgrade and Expansion was tabled for several years due to the estimated high cost and denied by Federal Stimulus Funding the County decided to reach out to the Private sector via the PPEA approach via Design Build in an effort to reduce capital costs, secure financing and jump start the project. After two competing Unsolicited PPEA proposals were received and evaluated the County chose a proposal that offered a lump sum price of $16.45 million which was approximately $10 + million dollars under the previous capital cost estimate based on a 80% design by others. The design selection was a 1.5 MGD ENR WWTP Upgrade/Expansion utilizing New 5 Stage Bardenpho Reactor System with Clarification, Tertiary Filtration and UV disinfection along with New Equalization, Headworks, Septage Receiving and an 8,000 sqft Operations Building. The existing oxidation ditch system is being retrofitted as the sludge digestion and holding system. Within 6 months from notice to proceed design was complete, all permits were in hand and concrete was being poured.

Shane Reid, P.E. of Reid Engineering works with Doris Buffett and the Sunshine Lady Foundation

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Back in 2008 just after the Next Generaton of Business Leaders had been formed in Fredericksburg, VA through the Chamber of Commerce several members led by Shane Reid, P.E. engaged local philanthropist Doris Buffet of the Sunshine Lady Foundation to get her ideas, thoughts, wisdom and input on philanthropy in general as one of the groups missions was community outreach.

Ms. Buffett agreed to meet with a few of the NGBL leaders including Shane over lunch and shared her wonderful story of how she helps those who want to help themselves. At that first meeting the group reached out to Ms. Buffett and the Sunshine Lady Foundation by offering to assist in any of their local projects. It wasn’t too long after that offer that Ms. Buffett met with Shane to discuss a very special project that was dear to her heart.

Courtney Dole niece of local businessman Darren Dole personally reached out to Ms. Buffet by writing a heart grabbing letter that truly inspired Ms. Buffett to help Courtney. Courtney at the age of 15 suffered a devastating injury form the accidental discharge of a firearm. The gunfire entered into her neck shattering her vertebra and severing her spinal cord. Since that unfortunate day Courtney has been a quadriplegic, dependent upon others and a wheelchair for mobility. Her story is not one of sorrow and loss but of perseverance in the face adversity. Courtney is a brave, courageous young woman who has the drive and determination to not only survive but to move forward in a positive light and achieving what others would say is impossible. After graduating high school years ago she became determined to attend and graduate college. Her goal is to go to Germana and then to the University of Mary Washington here Fredericksburg. In order to achieve her college goals she needed to move in with her Aunt and Uncle who live in Spotsylvania County.

With the commitment of the NGBL group backed by awe inspiring Doris Buffett and the Sunshine Lady Foundation the group set out to raise as much money as possible in hopes of funding the construction of a handicap accessible addition to the Dole’s home. The funds raised by the NGBL would be matched by Doris Buffett through the Sunshine Lady Foundation. For over a year the NGBLers collected donations at various events and held a successful fundraiser in downtown Fredericksburg, VA that raised over $10,000 dollars. The Fundraiser was the catalyst for the project that created energy, motivation and momentum.

Finally, in 2011 after several design iterations and cost estimates through Ms. Buffett’s gracious giving the project was given full funding by the Sunshine Lady Foundation. Shane Reid of Reid Engineering donated his time and company resources by providing overall project management and house addition designs. He also worked closely Doris, the Dole Family and the contractor. He guided the project from inception to construction completion.

Today, Courtney’s dream of moving to Fredericksburg, VA, living with her aunt and uncle and attending Germana Community College has become a reality. The needs specific addition has added to her quality of life and will motivate her to graduating in the near future. Many thanks go out to Doris Buffett, Sunshine Lady Foundation, Next Generation of Business Leaders, Reid Engineering, Van Zandt Restorations, and the Fredericksburg Community.