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The Importance of Vision – Reid’s Design Build Vision is a Growing Reality

The Importance of Vision – Reid’s Design Build Vision is a Growing Reality

Your Vision is seeing and believing your goals then moving forward to create your Future Success!

Every year our company leadership convenes to cast a vision for the upcoming year. We call it Vision Casting.

In 2007, Reid Engineering set out to become a leading design build engineering firm in the wastewater treatment and utility infrastructure markets across the country. Since then, we have been involved in over twenty design build projects in the industrial, municipal and federal sectors. Our design build projects have ranged from small wastewater improvement projects and pretreatment systems to multi-million dollar water and sewer upgrade and replacement projects and State of the Art (SOA) nutrient removal wastewater treatment plant upgrades and expansions.

Design build projects come in all shapes and sizes, and it takes an experienced engineering firm to take on the task. That being said, it is imperative for a design build firm to be expeditious, flexible, committed, team oriented, innovative, creative, cost conscious and visionary.

In 2014, Reid has set a company record that may even be broken by years end.  Currently, Reid is working on six design build projects at once, totaling more than $26 million in total project cost. This is an amazing accomplishment even among larger global firms for such a specific niche market as wastewater and utility infrastructure.

A glimpse of current (2014) design build (fix fee or GMP) projects:

Industrial Pretreatment System Upgrade (Poultry Processing) in Harrisonburg, VA

  1. Industrial Pretreatment System Upgrade (Pork Processing) in Denison, IA
  2. Industrial Pretreatment System Upgrade (Soy Processing) in Cumberland, MD
  3. Industrial Pretreatment System Upgrade (Vegetable & Juice Processing) in Paris, TX
  4. Water Main Replacement in Fort Belvoir, VA
  5. Pump Station & Force Main Replacement and Upgrade in Fort Belvoir, VA

Reid, along with its valued partners, have been able to create, add and deliver value in so many ways via the design build delivery approach which is extremely beneficial to Owners in any sector. In many ways, the positive outcomes mean much more than just saving time and money, but they also resonate benefits both directly and indirectly with the facility staff, the environment, local community, corporate leadership, shareholders and other vested partners.

Design build offers many benefits to the Owner, but the two we like most are the ability to be creative and innovative because these ultimately equate to cost and time savings and an all around better project.

Today’s Take Away = Make the time to create and cast your vision, then follow it up with both the belief and confidence that it will happen and continue to happen. Back this up with consistent action to move your plan forward ultimately achieving your “initial” vision of success…but don’t stop there, keep growing! Grow that vision and continue to climb to your next peak of success. My saying is, “If you don’t grow you will never know!”

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