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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Pilot Study – Soluble Non-Biodegradable Nitrogen

REC was asked to determine the most effective treatment process arrangement to replace an existing lagoon based pretreatment system for a unique food processing wastewater.  The food processing facility utilizes soy bean husks and generates a wastewater that is high in COD, TSS, TKN and Sodium.  Previous analyses had indicated that a higher than normal fraction of soluble non-biodegradable nitrogen.  REC arranged to have the Siemens Energy laboratory in Rothschild, WI operate the pilot unit as designed by REC.  The pilot unit was based on a 4-stage Bardenpho process.  Once the pilot unit achieved stable operation, REC had the Siemens laboratory perform a series of tertiary treatment methods to include a carbon isotherm analysis; filtration; advanced oxidation with chlorine, peroxide and ozone with UV; coagulation jar tests with ferric chloride; and a BioMag and CoMag analysis.  Data to date indicates that it is possible to remove the large fraction of soluble non-biodegradable nitrogen by use of the 4-stage Bardenpho (possibly reduced to a 2-stage MLE process) in conjunction with coagulation and tertiary advanced oxidation. Additional testing is currently in process