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Relationships Matter – Reid wins New Wastewater Treatment Upgrade Project with Valley Proteins in NC

Valley Proteins is one the leading Rendering Companies on the East Coast and has rendering operations in multiple states. Many of you who live in VA, PA, NC, and SC see the VP trucks around town recovering grease from restaurants. They are in the business of recovering grease and the rendering of animal materials. The relationship between VP and Reid goes back over 20 years ago and today Reid is upgrading many of the VP plants that they originally designed years ago. Reid values and appreciates their long term and nationwide relationships with their Rendering and Industrial clients such as VP.

In general, the upgrade will be focused on enhancing their treatment capabilities and biosolids handling by retrofitting their existing Anaerobic Lagoon, adding a New Anoxic Reactor, New Sludge Press system, conversion of their existing CMAS basin into a Nitrification Reactor, and a New Equipment Building. Reid has been serving the Rendering industry for over 20 years and is involved in the National Rendering Association.