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Reid is Awarded Two Design Projects by Global Food Processor in Texas

Reid has been awarded two large design projects in Cactus, TX by one of the world’s largest beef processors. These projects are part of several projects Reid has been awarded by the global food processor over the past few years and shows Reid’s capabilities to design projects in multiple States and more importantly their focus on long term relationships built on experience and trust.

The projects in Cactus, TX include the planning, design, permitting, bidding and construction administration of Two New 17 MG Covered Anaerobic Lagoons that will act as pretreatment of the effluent wastewater prior to discharge to the City; and, One New Large Evaporation Pond that will be the ultimate discharge for a side stream of wastewater that is high in sodium and unable to go to the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The two anaerobic lagoons will generate biogas which will be utilized by the facilities boilers. This one of many renewable project designed by Reid for this Food Processor.